What to do first

Once you and your family are safe, give us a call to secure the property. It is your responsibility to try to stop the loss, if possible. This means getting a tarp over the damage to prevent further water damage or boarding up the impacted area. Royal Roofing is ready to respond as we have the materials on hand. Insurance companies typically cover the emergency services for the dwelling (please check with your carrier regarding what they will cover for the property not affecting the dwelling as the yard or grounds usually come with limits).

Once we secure the property, you will set an appointment with your insurance loss department to file a claim. Your insurance will schedule an adjuster to visit the property. Royal Roofing will meet the adjuster and assist with measurements and documenting damage. Keep in mind that much damage will not be shown at the initial inspection if the storm was significant. Our office uses Xactimate Estimating software and will document additional damage and supply that documentation to your adjuster.