Steep Slope Roofs

When it becomes time to replace your roof, consider the many options available today. In many home styles, the roofing surface is a huge part of the visual color and style of your home. Many shingles will enhance the look and performance of your roof, just as much as the wrong shingle choice will hurt the look of your home. The first thing to consider is homeowner association rules. Be sure to replace your roof with an approved shingle. Next, consider the style of your home and visit with our design team to become educated on your options. Depending on your budget, you have a vast array of shingle choices. Some things to think about are:

Shingle style and size:

3-tab Shingle: This is the most basic and least expensive shingle. This is the thinnest shingle and will show all imperfections in the roof framing and decking.  We highly encourage everyone to upgrade from this shingle to the architectural shingle for the better warranty, look, and very little increase in cost.

Architectural Shingle: This is the most popular shingle and provides value and appearance. There are subtle differences between brands and the largest selection of color choices. The architectural shingle is heavier than the 3-tab, and helps to hide any imperfections in the framing and decking of a roof. With the minimum price increase over a 3-tab roof, it makes perfect sense to select this upgrade. 

Designer Shingles: These are heavier and more decorative, with styles to look like slate or wood. 

Impact Resistant Shingles: These shingles are Class IV rated hail-resistant shingles. Most insurance companies offer premium discounts from 15 to 25 percent, check with your insurance provider. 

Wind Resistant Shingles: Most manufacturers offer shingles that are wind-resistant to 130 mph. Check with your insurance provider to determine if you can receive a discount. A wind-resistant shingle can be a great asset, especially if you live in a thunderstorm-prone area with frequent high winds. 

Metal Standing Seam Roof: This is the most popular metal roof and comes in a variety of colors. The roof will last a very long time, but it also requires maintenance every few years on the fasteners. 

Decra Metal Roofing: This metal roof hides the fact that it is metal. With composite granular coating and molded style to look like slate or tile, this is a great selection when you want a shingle look, but a metal product. 

Slate or Clay Tile: The ultimate for look and style. This is a beautiful roof and needs the correct structural elements due to the weight of the material.