Roof maintenance should be done each year. It is important to catch any damage before it creates an issue inside your home. The roof is first line of defense for your home and small issues on top can lead to large issues below.


Royal Roofing offers the following repairs:

  • Securing loose shingles and replacing missing shingles.

  • Caulking and sealing roof, boot, and chimney flashing.

  • Replacing boots, vents, and flashing.

  • Re-mortaring chimneys, replacing chimney crowns, replacing chimney caps.

  • Repairing or replacing gutters, fascias, and soffits. 

  • Installing new skylights.

  • Installing ice and water shield and replacing shingles due to ice damming

  • Correcting ventilation and insulation issues.

  • Sourcing water leaks (this one may take more than one attempt)