The Claim Process

Once you have opened a claim and the adjuster has visited the property, you will receive your first check and a document with each line listing a repair or replacement. This document (the line item detail) lists what the adjuster is covering. It details the quantity, the quality of material, and whether it is to be detached and re-set/re-used or if the item is to be replaced with new materials. Once this document arrives, you will provide us with a copy and we will walk through the damage to verify the damage and required work.  We can create this same  document as we have the same program, but we will not know the scope approved by the adjuster. We want the owner, contractor, and insurance company on the same page so that the process will go smoothly and expectations are met. The insurance companies follow the industry standard pricing for the region and there is no need to get multiple estimates. It is a felony to profit from an insurance claim and we will make sure your claim is worked honestly.

Actual Cash Value or Replacement Value:

Our contracts are based on Replacement Cost Value. This is the value given on a claim to replace the damage. This may have recoverable depreciation held back, which is sent as a second check once the work is completed. With this kind of policy - the owner is usually liable for the deductible amount on the policy. 

Actual Cost Value is an amount sent which has depreciation subtracted from the item for time used. This depreciation is not recovered and therefore you must pay the depreciation amount. With this policy - the owner is usually liable for the deductible and the depreciation amounts.

Supplemental Claims:

Any damage discovered after the initial adjuster visit will be sent to the adjuster as a supplemental addition. The adjuster may want picture or video documentation, or they may want to revisit the property. Royal Roofing will work to help the adjuster get the documentation they need to process the claim.