The ventilation of your attic has everything to do with the following:

  • Premature roof failure and voiding of any manufacturer warranty.

  • Ice Dams

  • Interior comfort level and utility costs

Attic ventilation consists of lower and upper venting to circulate the air and to dissipate heat. Royal Roofing can do an evaluation of the intake and exhaust of your venting.

Intake venting: This is usually from soffit vents to bring fresh air into the attic. If there are no soffit vents, there should be lower gable vents or venting behind the fascia.

Exhaust venting: This venting should be high in the roof line to let the rising hot air escape . This may be turbine vents, low profile vents, or a ridge vent on the top ridge of the roofline. 

Depending on the roof design and layout, we can recommend the proper ventilation for your home. We will also look at the insulation to avoid ice damming.